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Bienvenido a Cueva Luna. My moon cave. My sacred space that I have created for you all, a solace birthed from the union of my love for tattooing and for spirituality.  After moving to the south coast of England just before the first UK lockdown in 2020, I spent my time either at the beach, in the ocean, or exploring the local nature. I honed in on my craft and my connection to this Earth. I travelled the south coast on a mission of passion and fire, to integrate my esoteric studies and ritualistic practices into the craft of tattooing. I have been enamoured with Brighton since our first encounter, I learnt a lot in this city, I met myself anew in this city. I felt her energetic pull, and thus on her land I have birthed my studio.

My main goal here at Cueva Luna is to make the tattooing process as comfortable, calming and transformative as can be. A process that involves physical pain can be difficult to ride out with peace, unwillingly or not. I like to incorporate certain practices that I have collated over the years to aid this process. Meditating upon the physical sensations of the process and surrendering to the messages from our synapses can keep us in controlled positive mindsets. Alternatively, yet synonymously, meditating upon breathwork, sound, or an answer from a tarot reading, are all useful tools for distracting the mind from the physical sensations whilst delving into the world of the esoteric.. 

I am here to aid you through the process, in whichever means are the most comfortable for you. Whether you approach my chair with a spiritual intention or not, it would be my honour to create some skin-deep artwork for you.

Cueva Luna is based within St. Augustines Centre, an old church built in 1896, repurposed as a centre for the arts, wellness and spiritual community of Brighton. 

Cueva Luna

St. Augustine's Centre

Stanford Avenue

Brighton, BN1 6EA

United Kingdom

I am so excited to be embarking upon this sojourn. Please, if you feel called, reach out and come and visit me in my move cave...

You can find more information and updates about what is happening at Cueva Luna on instagram

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