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Tattooing infused with magical essence. Specialising in ethereal pattern work and mystic blackwork.

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My name is Maddison. I entered the tattoo industry at the age of 17, and did my first tattoo a few months after my 18th birthday, in March 2014, as the apprentice at Studio One tattoo in Derby, UK. I am eternally grateful to Joe Meakin for giving me my chance and for teaching me this craft that has shaped my entire life.


Since my initiation, I have been a resident artist in studios across Nottingham, Brighton and Worthing, and guested across the UK and Europe.

In March of 2022, I signed the Magna Carta of my dreams; dreams that had been growing in vision over the past 8 years of harnessing and evolving my craft... The lease to my very own private tattoo studio. Birthed in Brighton through a journey of will and desire, may I present to you... Cueva Luna

I have been compelled to all things eldritch and ethereal from childhood. The macabre and the mystifying. Themes resonating from a ripe age, echoing in my present work. Many clients come to me for my infusion of magical elements and correspondences within my artwork. And to adorn themselves with a skin-deep talisman to empower them throughout each day!


I welcome all clients into my chair, be it with magical intentions or not! I simply adore creating art for people to wear with pride and confidence!


If you wish to talk tattoos with me, please fill in my online booking form.


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